Thursday, April 12, 2018

The European Trade in Hazardous Waste

Over 90 % of hazardous waste exports in the European Union are shipped to other EU Member States. This could prove a problem for the UK after Brexit. The UK is by far the biggest exporter of hazardous waste. I wonder what kind of trade negotiations will have to take place to ensure that the Netherlands continues to take 1,607,602 tonnes of hazardous waste from the UK after the country leaves the EU.

Eurostat's Interactive Map on Waste Shipment visualizes how much hazardous waste each country in Europe exports and imports every year. If you select an EU country on the map you can see all the other countries around the world that it ships hazardous waste to. You can also view all the countries that a country imports hazardous waste from. The total tonnage exported or imported is shown for the top 5 countries that import or export waste from the selected country.

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