Thursday, April 05, 2018

Climate Change in Canada Mapped

The Climate Atlas of Canada is a new interactive tool for exploring how climate change could affect Canada. The new site includes interactive maps and articles designed to help Canadians understand how climate change may change our lives and what we can do to try to stop it.

The Map section of the Climate Atlas allows you to visualize how climate change might affect different locations in the country. Using the map you can explore a number of different climate variables, including very hot days, very cold days, average temperatures, very wet days and the growing season. For each of these types of weather you can use a timeline control to explore how climate change will affect Canada over time. Another control allows you to control the severity of climate change that you wish to see visualized on the map.

The Find Local Data section of the Climate Atlas allows you to explore in more detail how climate change will affect your city or town. Select your location and you can view tables and data for a number of different types of weather which might be affected by climate change.

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