Saturday, April 14, 2018

The Classified Ad Addressing System

Paaart is a new online classified ad site. Paaart offers a free service that anyone can use anywhere in the world to post or find classified ads. The site works by connecting users to their own local neighborhoods. Users can attach any message to any neighborhood. Therefore a classified ad can be connected to the relevant part of a village, municipality, city or region, depending on the user's preferences.

One of the most interesting things about Paaart for cartographers is that it uses its very own addressing system. The Paaart hierarchical addressing system divides the world into more than 300 thousand areas. Each area polygon in this system is hierarchically divided into 25 further rectangular areas, each one labelled by a single letter. This step by step division leads to a hierarchical structure that makes it possible to specify a location at different levels of precision. For example Oxford in the UK is defined by the 3 letters kbm -

This simple system allows people who are posting classified ads to define their own level of location by choosing the relevant hierarchy in the addressing system. They do this simply by selecting an appropriate zoom level on an interactive map. Another advantage of using a customized addressing system is that Paart can specify precise locations for ads even in regions and countries of the world where the official administrative addressing system is not always accurate.

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