Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Mapping the Worst Bus Stops in London

The worst bus stop in London, according to Kognito, is the Ringway bus stop in zone 4. Only 4% of buses at this stop arrive on time, based on the Transport for London (TfL) timetable.

Data analytic platform Kognito has analysed three month's worth of Transport for London data to determine which are London's best and worst bus stops. For the three months examined Kognito looked at the bus arrival data across approximately seven hundred bus routes to determine which bus stops had the best and worst records for buses arriving at their scheduled times.

The Worst Bus Stop in London presents the results of Kognito's analysis. These results include lists of the worst bus routes for buses starting on time, the worst routes for buses finishing on time and the least & most punctual routes. Each of these lists are connected to an interactive map which can show you the actual route of each of those listed. At the end of Kogntio's data presentation you can enter any London postcode to discover how bus stops in your postcode rank compared to other postcodes. You can also find out how many buses run on time in your postcode area.

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