Friday, April 13, 2018

Interactive Theme Park Maps

Kolmården Wildlife Park is Sweden's largest zoo. The park includes a dolphinarium, a cable car safari and two roller coasters. The Kolmården Wildlife Park website also includes a wonderful interactive park map.

The Kolmården Wildlife Park Karta shows the location of all the park's themed areas using an oblique stylized bird's eye view of the park. If you select any of the markers on the map you can drill down to view images of each of the park's separate areas. These close-up views include information about the animals that can be seen in each area and the facilities available to the park's visitors.

Each of these smaller area maps provide beautifully designed bird's eye views of the park. These images include little animations, often involving the animals themselves. You can click on most of the animals to learn more about these species in the park.

If you like park maps then you might also enjoy Disney's Walt Disney World map. Walt Disney's map uses the Google Maps API's Ground Overlay feature to overlay a custom made static map on top of the Google Maps base layer. This is a great way to create an impressive looking, distinctive map.

Of course to create such good looking park maps you need to start with a good custom designed static map. Luckily many theme parks already have beautifully designed static maps. It doesn't take too much effort to use these static maps as the basis for great interactive maps to help showcase a theme park on the Internet.

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