Thursday, July 05, 2018

Deforestation in the Colombian Amazon

Deforestation Hotspots in the Colombian Amazon is a series of Esri story maps visualizing protected areas in the Colombian Amazon and the areas which are suffering the highest rates of deforestation. The three maps cover three different areas of the country, which are experiencing new or intensifying deforestation. The three areas of the Colombian Amazon that have been mapped are Caguan, La Paya and Chiribiquete-Macarena.

Each of the maps uses shaded polygons to show the areas with new hotspots of deforestation and areas which have suffered persistent deforestation. The maps also show satellite evidence of deforestation, using before and after satellite imagery to show the impact of deforestation on the Amazon forest.

All three maps were made by the Monitoring the Andean Amazon Project (MAAP). MAAP is working in Colombia, Peru and Ecuador to monitor and map in near real-time the deforestation of the Andean Amazon. MAAP has released a series of maps and articles covering deforestation in Peru and Colombia, with the focus on Ecuador starting this year.

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