Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Mapping the Billionaire Yacht Club

Forbes has used data from MarineTraffic to track the journeys of the super-rich over one year. Their Billionaires on the Sea interactive map shows you where the likes of Giorgio Armani and David Geffen sailed their over-sized yachts during 2017.

The Forbes interactive map shows the tracks of 17 of the most expensive privately owned yachts over the course of one whole year. You can select to view the year's track of individual yachts by vessel name. If you select an individual yacht on the map you can view the owner's name and details on the distance traveled and the locations where the yacht spent the most time. The 'Destinations' button on the map allows you to view a heat-map view of the locations most visited by the super-rich. The Mediterranean and the Caribbean are two of the most popular locations.

If you scroll down past the map then you can read some pen portraits of the boats' owners and a brief summary of where their yacht's traveled in 2017.

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