Saturday, July 21, 2018

The Geography of UK Pub Names

Constantly Plotting has been busy mapping out the geographical distribution of pub names in the UK. In The Geography of UK Pub Names he has created hundreds of static maps showing the distribution of different pub names in the UK.

The results are endlessly fascinating. Some of the maps make immediate sense. For example pubs named 'Miners Arms' seem to be most popular in areas where lead and coal mines once dominated the landscape. Other geographical patterns are less obvious to explain. For example I can't explain why pubs called 'The Bull' should be mostly located in the south while pubs called 'The Black Bull' are more likely to be found in the north.

The maps in the Geography of UK Pub Names are very basic. They provide a a general overview of where individual pub names are distributed in the UK but aren't detailed enough to show you exact addresses. If you want to know the exact co-ordinates of all the pubs then you should check out the project's GitHub which includes a csv file of all the pubs with their latitude and longitude co-ordinates.

You might also be interested in this dot map of Every UK Pub, which uses pub data which, like the Geography of UK Pub Names, was also derived OpenStreetMap.

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