Friday, July 20, 2018

Homeless in Seattle

As part of its Project Homeless series the Seattle Times has mapped out the results of the 2018 Point in Time count of homelessness in King County. The map shows the change in the rate of homelessness since 2017 in each census tract in the county.

Homelessness across the county is up 4 percent from last year. The Where are people homeless in King County? map colors each census tract by the rate that homelessness has risen or fallen. Census tracts are colored white where there has been no significant change in the number of homeless people. If you select a tract on the map you can view the number of the homeless counted in 2017 and 2018 and the percentage change in the number of homeless people. The census tracts outlined in black on the map feature in some of the Seattle Times homelessness series of articles. If you select one of these tracts you can view the links to the featured articles.

The Seattle Times has also created a series of static maps which compare the city's homelessness crisis to other cities in the USA. Is Seattle’s homeless crisis the worst in the country? maps out the ten worst places for homelessness in the U.S. using a number of different metrics. These include the top 10 homeless populations in America per 10,000 residents, the top ten cities by the percent of people living outside and the top 10 cities by number of people in homelessness. No matter how you measure it Seattle is in the top 10 worst cities for the numbers of people in homelessness.

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