Monday, July 09, 2018

Your Personal Audio Guide to the World

Road Trip is a new map based web application which serves as your own personal tourism guide. Just share your location with Road Trip and it will tell you about all the interesting places that you pass on your journey.

If you open Road Trip while you are on a journey the application will read out loud the Wikipedia entries of locations and points of interest that you pass on your trip. Road Trip also works on your desktop computer. So it you are not on a trip you can also use Road Trip to find out about places of interest around the world (just move the map to a location and press the 'next' button.

Road Trip is a simple application of a brilliant idea. The code is available on GitHub so if you want to make the application a little more sophisticated you could always clone Road Trip and work on it yourself.

For example you could create an OpenStreetMap version of RoadTrip. One reason for using OSM is that you could use tags to refine the nearby features from Wikipedia and provide users with the option to choose the features that they are interested in hearing about. For example you could restrict Road Trip to only read out nearby Wikipedia entries about features tagged 'natural' or 'tourism' or 'historic' on OSM.

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