Tuesday, July 31, 2018

The Native People of Australia

Back in 2015 Native-Land started mapping the territories and languages of the indigenous peoples of the United States and Canada. Native-Land now also shows the territories and languages of the indigenous peoples of Australia and New Zealand.

The map consists of two main layers, one showing the 'territory' of indigenous peoples and the other showing the geographical spread of indigenous languages. In the USA and Canada the map also includes the option to view a 'Treaty' layer which overlays areas which have been subject to government treaties.

If you select a territory on the map you can view the name of the indigenous people whose territory is shown. You can learn more about these indigenous groups by clicking on the group's name. This commonly leads through to a Wikipedia article on the selected indigenous people or the indigenous language chosen from the map.

Native-Land is beginning a process which will see the site transition into a non-profit organization overseen by indigenous people. You can learn more about this process and the future development of the map on the Native-Land blog.

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