Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Mexican Election Maps

Andrés Manuel López Obrador won Sunday's Presidential Election in Mexico. Although Obrador was the favorite to win the election the size of his victory proves that there is overwhelming support in the country for his proposed program of radical change.

The BBC has created a static map which effectively visualizes the overwhelming success of López Obrador in Sunday's election. The map simply colors each state based on the presidential candidate who won the most votes. López Obrador won 31 of the 32 electoral districts, so the whole country is colored red, except for Guanajuato, the only state won by Anaya.

While the BBC's map is effective in visualizing the scope of Obrador's victory it doesn't provide any information about the scope of his victory in each state. Univision's Elecciones Mexico 2018 provides a more nuanced view of the votes cast for each candidate in each electoral district.

Univison's map uses more shades of red and blue to show the percentage of votes cast for the winning candidate in each a state. This reveals that although Obrador took the northern states, the north-eastern states are where he picked up the least votes and his stronghold is in Mexico's most southern states.

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