Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Gio.js - Displaying Data on a 3D Globe

Gio.js is a data visualization library for displaying data on a 3D globe. The library is built on Three,js and has a very simple to use API.

The Gio.js library isn't a full scale 3D globe mapping library, like CesiumJS or OpenGlobus. It doesn't support such features as map tiles or importing GeoJSON files. The library is designed instead to provide a simple method for displaying data on a basic 3D globe. Using the library you can color individual countries (so it is possible to create a simple 3D choropleth map). The library also allows you to create 3D flow maps by using animated lines between two or more selected countries.

You can get a good idea of the potential of Gio.js on the Gio.js Playground. The Playground allows you to play around with a Gio.js globe and customize how it looks. If you like the customized settings you create in the Playground you can download the configuration code to use with the Gio.js API.

The library is very limited in its potential use. It can be used to create simple data visualizations, including 3D choropleth maps and flow maps between countries. It can also be used to load other data about countries by allowing users to select countries on the globe to view information or data about the selected country (outside of the Gio.js API). The main advantage of Gio.js is its simplicity. These 3D globe data visualizations can be created in just a few lines of code.

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