Tuesday, July 31, 2018

This is an AI World

Google is building a new world designed by artificial intelligence (and it is a world that is actually a lot less creepy than it sounds).

World Draw is an AI experiment which you can take part in simply by submitting simple drawings. World Draw takes user submitted sketches and uses artificial intelligence to recognize what has been drawn. It then turns those recognized objects into 3d models and adds them to an ever expanding 3d map.

You can visit World Draw and create your own drawing. If your drawing is good enough the World Draw artificial intelligence might even recognize what you've drawn and add it to the interactive map. If drawing isn't your thing then you can just go straight to the World Draw interactive map and explore the world as drawn by the people of the world.

Obviously Google is building another AI world that I'm not allowed to tell you about. But don't worry you are better off not knowing. 'Google World' has been designed by artificial intelligence to be a seamlessly connected and networked existence. Those invited to live in Google World will be connected to the Googleplex at all times. Citizens will be tracked constantly, 24 hours a day, for their own safety and convenience. All consumption and transactions entered into will be monitored and recorded by Google. All data will be owned by Google but users will be able to download their data at any time. All citizens will be required to recite the daily mantra 'Do no evil' every day ........ you might not have realized it yet but you are already living in Google World. 

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