Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Mapping England's New Houses

Dan Cookson has created an animated map to show where new houses have been built in England over the last ten years. The map includes greenbelt areas so you can see how much development has taken place in areas which are supposed to prevent urban sprawl. The map uses new small user postcodes to determine where new houses have been built.

Where are all the new houses in England? uses Carto's Torque library for animating time-series data. This allows you to watch new housing accumulate on the map by month from 2007 to 2018. If you want to just see the total of new builds over the last ten years you can pause the map and just drag the timeline to the end date.

If you zoom in on a town or a city you should be able to pick out locations where new housing has been developed locally. For example, the map clearly shows all the new apartment blocks constructed around the Olympic Park in London. In fact the map reveals that a large percentage of London's new homes are being built in the East End.

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