Monday, December 24, 2018

Santa Tracker

Santa has begun delivering presents to all the world's children. Google's Santa Tracker is also now busy at work.

Google uses GPS (the Gnome Positioning System) to track Santa's sleigh on Christmas Eve. They then plot his movements around the world on a real-time Google Map. While following Santa on Google Maps you can also keep track of the time remaining until Santa arrives at your chimney on the sleigh dashboard.

You can also follow Santa's progress this Christmas Eve on the Official NORAD Santa Tracker. Every Christmas NORAD's geo-synchronous satellites are able to detect the signature from Rudolph's red nose and observe when Santa Claus leaves the North Pole. They then proceed to track his movements for 24 hours as Santa delivers presents to children around the world.

While following along with Santa's global journey you can also listen to a selection of Christmas songs, played by the NORAD Commanders or the US Air Force Academy Band.

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