Friday, March 29, 2019

Let's Make a Choropleth Map

After completing Glitch's Make a Web Map with Leaflet challenge the other day I decided I wanted a harder challenge. I therefore decided to see if I could make a choropleth map visualizing the incidence rate of measles in European countries.

The European Measles Choropleth Map is a very basic choropleth map which uses data from the Word Health Organization to show the 2018 incidence of measles per 1 million total population in European countries (there is no data for Germany).

If you want to see how the map was created and try to recreate the map yourself then you can try the Let's Make a Choropleth Map in Leaflet challenge on Glitch. In this challenge you have to load a GeoJSON file onto a Leaflet interactive map and color individual countries based on the country's rate of measles. The Interactive Choropleth Map tutorial on the Leaflet website is very useful if you need a little more help in making your choropleth map. 

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