Friday, March 15, 2019

Where are the Best Neighborhoods?

If you want to know the best neighborhoods in your town then you need Best Neighborhood. Enter your zipcode into Best Neighborhood and you can view the areas of your town colored to show the best areas for walkability, the cost of housing and employment rates. You can also view lots of local demographic and socio-economic information about your town's neighborhoods.

Best Neighborhood uses Mapbox maps to visualize a range of different data about U.S. towns and their neighborhoods. The local data you can view includes information on per capita income, rental prices and bike friendliness. Using the different data sets you can find the neighborhoods which best suit your preferred characteristics. For example if walking and cycling are important to you then you can use the walkability and bike friendliness maps to find the best neighborhoods for walking and cycling. Of course you might not be able to afford to live in those areas so you might want to compare those maps with the property value map.

OneDome is a UK real-estate website which has developed a number of online tools which can help you find the best neighborhoods in the UK. One of these tools is Explore & Score, an interactive map which rates neighborhoods in a number of different areas.

Enter a UK postcode into Explore & Score and you can find out how the area rates for transport, education, groceries, greenery, safety, quietness and lifestyle. Explore & Score gives each of these individual areas a rating out of 10 and also gives the postcode area an overall score out of 10. If you select an individual category from the map sidebar you can view related points of interest on the map. For example if you select 'Grocery' you can view the location of all nearby stores, the walking distance to each store and their opening hours. Select 'Transport' and you can view the location and walking times to the nearest stations.

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