Tuesday, March 12, 2019

The Dot Map of Britain

GIS for Thought has released an interactive dot map showing every single person in Great Britain as a single dot. The Every Person in Great Britain Mapped map uses the latest Scotland and England & Wales census data to show the number of people living in every postcode area.

The map has roughly 62 million dots - one dot for every single person living in Scotland, England & Wales. If you can't find yourself on the map don't worry. The data randomizes the dots by postcode area, with a dot placed in a random building for each person in every postcode.

You can view the dot map layer on its own without any background map layers. You can also choose to view the dots overlaid on a geographical map. Even when viewing the dot map layer on its own, without the map and map label layers, you can clearly make out many locations. Obviously urban areas, with high population densities, like towns and cities, are clearly revealed on the map. However the absence of dots in other areas reveals features such as the UK's National Parks. You can even make out much smaller urban parks if you zoom right in on individual towns and cities.

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