Wednesday, March 27, 2019

The Map of Baseball Fandom

The Atlanta Braves are supported in more areas of the country than any other Major League Baseball team. According to SeatGeek they are the favorite MLB team in 515 different counties and dominate the map across nearly the whole of the Southeastern United States.

SeatGeek has created an interactive map which shows the most popular Major League Baseball team in every U.S. county. To create their map SeatGeek looked at which seats were being bought for which teams in every county in the country. The resulting Where Do MLB Fans Live map shows the most supported baseball teams across the whole of the United States.

The New York Times has also mapped where the fans of America's baseball teams live. The NYT however used data from Facebook to determine which baseball teams are the most supported in each country. Using the location data of Facebook users, who have declared support for a baseball team in their profiles, the New York Times created this Map of the Baseball Nation.

Zoom in on the map and you can select counties on the map to view the top three teams (and the percentage of fans for each) supported in the clicked county. You can also search the map by zip-code or address to find out who are the most supported baseball teams in your county.

This isn't the first map of sports fandom that SeatGeek has created. Back in August of last year the NFL Shoppers on SeatGeek interactive map revealed the most popular NFL team in every U.S. county. Popularity for an NFL team is determined on this map by the number of customers for game tickets on the SeatGeek ticketing website for every NFL football team.

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