Saturday, March 02, 2019

The Wine Regions of the World

Do you know your Bordeaux from your Burgundy? Do you know which grape varieties are grown in which wine regions? Whether you can answer these questions or not, if you care about wine, you should have a look at the Biarritz Wine Academy Map. The Biarritz Wine Academy Map is an interactive map of the wine regions of the world.

The Biarritz Wine Academy Map is very much a work in progress. At the moment if you click on a wine region on the map the only information provided in the map window is the region's name. In the future knowledge cards will be added to each region so that when you select an area on the map you can learn more about the type of wine which is produced there. The developers also plan to add a search option which will allow you to search regions by name.

The Biarritz Wine Academy is also working hard on adding new regions to the map. At the moment they are concentrating on adding U.S. and Georgian wine regions. In the near future wine regions in Croatia, Hungary, Romania and Moldova will be added to the map.

Weinlagen is another interactive map which shows you the wine regions of the world. Weinlagen actually does have a little bit of information on many of the regions shown on the map. Select a region on the map and you can often view a list of the types of wine grown in the chosen area. If you zoom-in on the Weilagen map you can also view the locations of individual vineyards within each region.

If you are a fan of American wine then you might want to refer to the Every Vine interactive map. The Every Vine Map is attempting to map America's vineyards and wineries. It has made a good start with this map of U.S. wine regions, vineyards, shiners and wineries.

If you want a meal with you glass of wine might I recommend the TasteAtlas. The TasteAtlas is an interactive map which allows you to explore the local foods, dishes, tastes and cuisine of any location in the world. Using the map you can search different locations to discover the kinds of things the locals like to eat and drink. It is a great way to discover the tastes of different regions of the world and, at the same time, get a little inspiration about what to have for dinner tonight.

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