Monday, March 11, 2019

Video Journey Mapping

Videomapia is a search engine to find video journeys which have been synced with an interactive map. Using the site you can find videos of journeys which have been shot around the world. Each of these videos can be viewed alongside an interactive map which is synced to automatically follow the journey as it is shown in the video.

You can get a good idea of Videomapia's results in this map and video of a San Francisco cable car journey. Alternatively you might like to take a virtual train journey from the cab of a Swiss train as it travels through the Alps. Or even take a cable car ride across the Yangtze River.

Videomapia is in Russian but it has an intuitive user interface. Roads, tracks, railways and rivers around the world which have been videoed appear as red lines on the Videomapia interactive map. If you click on one of these red lines you can view the video. What's more the video actually starts playing from the place in the journey where you clicked on the map. As you view the video the map follows the journey so that it shows the current location in sync with the video.

Anyone can add a journey video to the Videomapia interactive map by uploading the video to YouTube and submitting the GPS track to Videomapia. You can also create GPS tracks yourself for video journeys that have been submitted to YouTube by other people.

Via: Weekly OSM

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Juan said...

Hi Kevin, i'm Juan From Argentina, i use the maps timeline, and i reconfirm various places in multiple situations(places like home, where i have 900+ visits).

I wanted to know if you know some trick to multiple confirm one place in different days.