Sunday, March 31, 2019

Snakes on a Map

Classic games have become Google's welcome resource for April Fools pranks on Google Maps. In previous years, on the 1st of April, we have had the joy of playing Pacman, Ms Pacman and Where's Waldo on Google Maps. This year you can play the classic arcade game Snake on Google Maps!

If you open the Google Maps application on your phone or tablet on April 1st and click on the map menu you should see a link that allows you to play a game of snake at different locations around the world. In the game you have to steer a bus (not a snake) around a city and collect passengers. You get one point for every passenger you pick up. The length of your bus also grows with each passenger that you collect. The object of the game is to collect as many passengers as you can and not to crash into yourself or drive off the edge of the screen.

You can choose to play Snake on top of the pixelated map of a number of different global cities. Each city comes with its own bus or, in the case of San Francisco, its very own streetcar.

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