Tuesday, March 05, 2019

Neighborhood Ratings

OneDome is a UK real-estate website which has developed a number of online tools which are designed to make it easier to find and buy property. One of these tools is Explore & Score, an interactive map which rates neighbourhoods in a number of different areas.

Enter a UK postcode into Explore & Score and you can find out how the area rates for transport, education, groceries, greenery, safety, quietness and lifestyle. Explore & Score gives each of these individual areas a rating out of 10 and also gives the postcode area an overall score out of 10.

If you select an individual category from the map sidebar you can view related points of interest on the map. For example if you select 'Grocery' you can view the location of all nearby stores, the walking distance to each store and their opening hours. Select 'Transport' and you can view the location and walking times to the nearest stations.

If you are searching for a home in the USA then you might want to refer to Walk Score. You can discover how nice a neighborhood is for walking and cycling at Walk Score. You can also use Walk Score to view a neighborhood's restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores, schools and parks.

Enter an address into the Walk Score interactive map and you can find out how well it scores for walking, cycling and public transit. Walk Score also has a great apartment search facility which helps you find an apartment not only by price but by what nearby amenities are within an easy walk or bike ride.

Trulia Local is another useful interactive map which can help you find out how well a neighborhood rates for other important factors, such as crime, commuting times, local amenities and local traffic. It can also help you find out whether there are good local schools, restaurants, banks and stores nearby. If you want to find how long it will take you to commute from a neighborhood to your work then you can mark your workplace on the Trulia Local  map and view an isochrone map showing all nearby commute times.

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