Friday, March 01, 2019

Shopping on Street View

Retailers Fred Perry and Raf Simons have released a virtual reality shopping experience. Fred Perry x Raf Simons is a custom Street View scene which you can navigate around just like you can move around in Street View on Google Maps. However, unlike Google Maps, on these virtual panoramas you can click on the people and buy their clothes.

All the models that appear in Fred Perry x Raf Simons are interactive. Click on a model and you can browse the clothes that they are wearing and even click through to buy an item on the Fred Perry online store. As on Google Maps all the models have their faces blurred. Some of the items of clothing are also blurred. This means that the item is not yet available to be purchased on the online store.

Google has put a lot of effort into creating virtual Street View tours of museums around the world. On Google Arts & Culture you can take a virtual stroll around many of the world's most famous museums. These tours include paintings and other exhibits which can be clicked to view details about the exhibits.

Lots of stores can also be navigated on Google Maps Street View. Many of these have been created by Google's 'trusted photographers'. I don't think any of the stores with Street View are fully interactive yet. Product ranges update all the time so it might be too much effort to create interactive products on Google Maps Street View. However large stores could easily have interactive store department signs on Street View which when clicked on open the relevant page on the store's website.

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