Monday, June 03, 2019

All Roads Lead to Rome, Iowa

One of my favorite interactive maps of all time is Moovel Lab's All Roads Lead to Rome. The map is a beautiful visualization of 500,000 different routes that can be taken to Rome from all across Europe. Of course Moovel Lab didn't stop there and they went on to create a similar map visualizing flight paths to Rome. Flights to Rome displays the quickest flight routes to the Italian capital from 712,425 locations around the world.

Did you know that there are 9 cities called Rome in the USA. When Moovel Lab discovered this fact there was only one thing they could do. And that was to create the All Roads Lead to Rome, USA Edition. This interactive map shows 312,719 routes from across the United States to the nine different cities called Rome. On the map the colors represent the routes leading to the closest Rome from different starting points across America.

All the Romes in America are fairly eastern. The most western is Rome, Iowa. The town in Iowa is very small and has a population of around only 100 people. There are only three roads leading out of Rome, Iowa. However, if the few remaining citizens ever want to escape Rome, then luckily those few roads eventually connect to other roads leading to hundreds of thousands of destinations across the country.

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