Wednesday, June 19, 2019

The Most Famous Czechs Map

The Holy Roman Emperor, King Charles IV, is the most famous person to have been born in the Czech Republic, according to Wikipedia. More people visit the Wikipedia page of Charles IV (Karel IV) than the Wikipedia entry of any other Czech person.

You can find out who is the most famous person from every Czech town on a new interactive map by iROZHLAS. The Most Popular Natives of Czech Towns map reveals the native person with the most Wikipedia visits for 1,749 towns and cities. You can learn more about each of the labeled people by simply hovering over their name on the map. This will reveal a very brief biography and a link to their Wikipedia entry.

iROZHLAS's map was of course inspired by The Pudding's very popular A People Map of the USA, showing the most famous person from each U.S. town and The Pudding's similar map for the UK, A People Map of the UK.

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