Wednesday, June 26, 2019

How Big is Glastonbury?

The Glastonbury music festival begins today. Two million people pre-registered to buy a ticket for this year's event and, when the tickets did go on sale, the 135,000 tickets sold out in 35 minutes.

135,000 is a lot of people but that number doesn't even come close to the 3.3 million (aggregate) people who attend Donauinselfest in Vienna every year or the 2 million who attend Mawazine in Morocco. The BBC and Statista both agree that Donauinselfest and Mawazine are the two biggest music festivals in the world based on aggregate attendance (although they disagree about which one of the two is actually the largest).

In terms of physical size the Glastonbury site is around 900 acres. If you have difficulty in envisioning how big 900 acres actually is then you can use the Glastonbury Map Overlay to compare an outline of the festival site with any location in the world. If you enter an address into the Glastonbury Map Overlay you can view a polygon of the music festival site overlaid on top of that location.

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