Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Will it Rain on Independence Day?

If you have outdoor plans for this year's Fourth of July then you might want to consider the odds of it raining on your parade. Luckily the NOAA has developed a handy interactive map which can actually show you the chance of rain on Independence Day.

Will it Rain on Your Parade uses historical weather records to estimate the odds of rain across the country on the Fourth of July. According to NOAA Hawaii is the most likely location to witness rain. In fact the western slopes have over a 50% chance of rain based on the historical weather records from 1981 to 2010. In the contiguous United States the highest chances of rain are in southern Florida with a 40-50% chance of precipitation. If you wish to avoid the rain you should head to California or Nevada. No location in either of these two states has more than a 10% chance of precipitation.

You may remember the NOAA from such maps as the First Snow Map, an interactive map showing the historic date of the first snow of winter.

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