Wednesday, June 05, 2019

Do You Live Near Nuclear Waste?

Greenpeace has released an interactive map which shows the locations of nuclear waste sites and routes across the whole of France. Carte des Dechets Nucleaires is designed to display all the information that Greenpeace has on the location of radioactive material and help people discover how close they live to nuclear waste.

The map includes sites where nuclear waste is stored for at least 300 years, nuclear power plants, decommissioned uranium mines and military sites known to store radioactive waste. The map also shows the main stations through which used fuel and reprocessed uranium pass in trains and the cities or roads through which road convoys of radioactive waste or plutonium are transported.

If you enter an address or postcode into the map then you can find out the closest nuclear waste sites to the entered location. The map lists all the nuclear waste sites within 100 km of your selected address. This list includes details on the type of each of the nuclear waste sites and the exact distance each are from your address. If you select a marker on the map you can view details on the type of nuclear waste held at the facility, or, in the case of transit routes, the type of radioactive material which is transported through that location.

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