Monday, June 17, 2019

Which Europeans Believe in God?

The Romanians are the most religious people in Europe. 55% of Romanians say that they are 'highly religious'. Estonia is Europe's least religious country. Only 7% of the Estonian population say that they are 'highly religious'. Despite being the most 'highly religious' people in Europe Romanians aren't Europe's biggest believers in God. That privilege belongs to Armenia, where 79% of the people say they believe in a Supreme Being. In comparison only 64% of Romanians believe in God.

According to the Pew Research Center Europeans are generally less religious than people in the rest of the world. However the religious commitment of Europeans varies greatly from country to country. The Pew Research Center has therefore decided to map out the religiosity of European countries.

The interactive map in How Do European Countries Differ in Religious Commitment? shows the percentage of people in each European country who self-identify as 'highly religious'. The Pew Research Center surveyed Europeans on five different questions about their religious belief and practice. The map only shows the results for Europeans' overall religiosity (the percentage of the population who say they are 'highly religious'). However you can view the results from the other four questions about religion in a series of tables. These tables order European countries, from most religious to least, giving the percentage of people who identified as religious in each of the separate questions.

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