Monday, June 17, 2019

America's Most Bike Friendly Cities

Provincetown in Massachusetts is the most bike friendly city in the USA. Alma, Michigan is the second best city for cyclists. Davis, California comes third. You can find out how bike friendly your city is on PeopleforBikes. PeopleforBikes BNA has ranked cities across the United States and Canada based on how easy they are to travel around by bike.

The PeopleforBikes Bike Network Analysis (BNA) ranks towns and cities based on traffic stress, destination access and score aggregation. Traffic stress is calculated by looking at the type of cycling infrastructure available (e.g. the availability of bike lanes, bake paths etc). Destination access is determined by looking at how easy (unstressful) it is to travel across a city by bike. Score aggregation looks at how friendly every census block is for cyclists across the whole city.

PeopleforBikes BNA has created interactive maps for 571 different U.S. and Canadian cities. Each of these individual maps shows the city's overall BNA score. The map also colors all the city's roads to show whether they are high (red) or low (blue) stress for cyclists. The map sidebar includes information on how easy it is to access different services by bike. It also shows how easy it is to access recreational and transportation facilities by bike.

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