Tuesday, June 04, 2019

The World of Donald Trump

I have had an idea for a while to one day create a US Diplomatic Map of the World. This would be a map where countries and cities are renamed based on how they have been described by the President of the United States. On this map, for example, the continent of Africa would be called 'Shithole', Germany would be 'A Total Mess' and Mexico would be named 'Drug Dealers, Criminals & Rapists'.

When I first clicked on the link for The World Through the Tweets of Donald Trump I was expecting to see that someone had built my map for me. Instead I found something even better. The World Through the Tweets of Donald Trump is a cartogram map of the world in which every country in the world has been resized according to the number of times Donald Trump has referred to it in one of his 8,000 Tweets since taking office.

Russia dominates Donald Trump's world map. 21% of all the Donald's Trump's country related Tweets have been about Russia. Next is North Korea which makes up 11.8% of his country mentions. China and Mexico are the third and fourth most referred to countries by Trump respectively (but definitely not respectfully).

This cartogram was created by World Mapper for (and will feature in) the Bodleian Libraries’ Talking Maps exhibition, which opens on 5 July 2019. You can download the data (a list of countries and the number of Donald Trump's Tweets about each country) at Donald Trump Tweets on the World Mapper website.


Anonymous said...

Can we talk about how Puerto Rico is not a country?

Anonymous said...

See explained in the map's original source: "Puerto Rico as an unincorporated territory of the US was included in the analysis, as it was treated like a foreign country in the Tweets."