Friday, June 28, 2019

Homes at Risk from Rising Seas

An interactive map, created by the Union of Concerned Scientists, allows you to view the number of homes which are at risk from rising sea levels in every congressional district in the contiguous United States. The Property at Risk from Rising Seas, by Congressional District map colors congressional districts by the number of homes at risk from chronic flooding in the coming decades.

The initial map view visualizes the number of homes potentially at risk from chronic flooding in 2045. You can also view the number of homes which will be at risk by 2100. As well as showing homes at risk in 2045 and 2100 you can explore the total current property value at risk, the estimated population effected, and the annual property tax contribution of at risk homes in each congressional district.

The Property at Risk map allows you to explore two different models of climate change. One which will see a moderate rate of sea level rise and one which shows a more extreme rate of rising seas. In the second model the global average sea level is projected to rise about 2 feet by 2045 and about 6.5 feet by 2100.

Climate Central's Surging Seas is one of the best interactive mapped visualizations of the effects of rising sea levels. Surging Seas includes a control which allows you to define the number of feet of sea level rise which you can view on the map. As you increase the amount of sea level rise the areas which will be effected are shaded blue on the map.

The map includes information on the number of people who live in the areas effected for each level of rising sea level. It also allows you to view the total value of property at risk for each level of rising seas.

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