Monday, June 24, 2019

Here's New 3D Vector Mapping Library

HERE, the mapping and location data company, has released a new open source 3D web mapping library called The library is built on WebGL and three.js so it should work particularly well for 3D data visualizations and map animations.

If you want to see some maps created with then check out the examples section of the website. This examples section includes working maps and the source code for those maps. The examples include an animated three.js object dancing on top of an interactive map. The examples also include some more traditional demos, showing how to use different map tile providers and how to create 3D globes with

If you want to start building maps with then you will also want to check out the documentation and tutorial. In the coming months HERE will be releasing new features for These will include the ability to easily add 3D models from HERE, 3D terrain and cinematic effects, such as depth of field.

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