Wednesday, March 25, 2020

America's Lockdown Map

The American government has yet to issue a national lock-down order. However a number of states have issued 'shelter-in-place' orders. For example from midnight Thursday 19th March the residents of California were ordered to stay at home except to shop for groceries, collect prescriptions, get health care or to commute for jobs considered crucial.

Covid Act Now has published an interactive map which shows the current stay-at-home policies in every state. States which have issued legal orders or a 'strong recommendation' to shelter-in-place and home quarantine are shown on the map in green. The orange states have voluntary shelter-in-place recommendations or orders for high-risk groups and all schools & bars / restaurants are closed. The red states currently have minimal mandated restrictions but you are still recommended to practice social distancing.

If you click on a state on the map you can view a projection of the likely number of cases in your state and when shelter-in-place orders should be issued in order to prevent hospital overload.

Randy Majors has also created a useful Google Map which shows where in the USA Shelter-in-Place and Stay-at-Home orders are in effect. His Coronavirus Shelter-in-Place & Stay-at-Home Orders map shows states, counties and cities which have issued Shelter-in-Place or Stay-at-Home orders in dark orange. States with closure orders for all non-essential businesses are shown in dark yellow. The map also shows in red the one mile containment area in Rochelle, New York, which is the center of a large cluster of Covid-19 cases.

I assume that most people will not be traveling internationally during this epidemic. If you do have to travel abroad then you might want to refer to the United Nations World Travel Restrictions map. This map explains the travel restrictions put in place by individual countries around the world.

You may also be interested in this post on Official Coronavirus Maps, which links to Covid-19 tracking maps and dashboards being operated by individual governments and countries around the world.

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