Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Florence Nightingale's Covid-19 Map

Kenneth Field has been channeling his inner Florence Nightingale to create a new coronavirus map. Kenneth's Corona Coxcombs map uses coxcomb charts to show the number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 in countries around the world.

The coxcomb charts on Kenneth's map show the increase (and decrease) of confirmed cases of Covid-19 in a country over time. Each chart consists of 57 segments. Each segment represents one day (starting January 22nd) and is read clockwise from the top, with the earliest dates first and moving forward in time around the circle. The size of the outer circles shows the total number of confirmed cases for each country scaled in relation to one another.

Florence Nightingale is credited with creating the coxcomb chart (although she didn't call them coxcomb charts) to visualize the number of deaths in the British Army from preventable diseases during the Crimean War.

Coxcomb charts are good for visualizing patterns in data. In printed form coxcomb charts can be less useful for showing exact numbers. However this problem with coxcomb charts is largely overcome on Kenneth's map because you can zoom-in on the map to enlarge a country's chart. The charts are also interactive so you can click on individual days to view the number of new cases, the cumulative total and the number of recovered and dead.

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