Thursday, March 26, 2020

Mapping a Virtual Village

Welcome to Lower Upping, a small rural village, consisting of a handful of houses, a local pub, a small chapel and a village shop. Lots of people live in Lower Upping - they are just waiting for you to tell their stories.

Lower Upping is a virtual village. Which means that you can help to tell the many stories of the village's exciting and wonderful inhabitants. If you click on any of the buildings on the village's interactive map you can read about the people who live there. If you don't like any person's or any building's story then you change the story in any way that you want.

There are very few rules in Lower Upping. However you should be aware that if you decide to add a new story to a building you will replace the text which is already there. But it is up to you!

Clone the Map on Glitch

If you like Lower Upping you can clone the map on Glitch and then create your own village and buildings. I created this map using Mapbox GL so if you do decide to clone the map please use your own access token. If you don't have a Mapbox account you could replace the map library with Leaflet.js. Lower Upping doesn't use any map tiles to it should be perfect fit for Leaflet.js.

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