Monday, March 16, 2020

Mapping the World's Trees

Steve Bennett has created a global database and interactive map of open tree data from around the world. His map currently shows the location of nearly 14 million open data trees from 192 cities around the globe in 19 different countries.

Many local and municipal governments keep a record of all the trees that they are responsible for maintaining. uses this data to create a worldwide map of trees. When you select a city marker on the map you can explore an overview of the tree data kept by the city. This includes information on the number of different trees of different species and the type of data which the city records about each tree.

The map menu allows you to change how the trees appear on the map. For example you can see all the tree markers in a city colored by species, or sized by trunk size. If you select an individual tree on the map you can view its scientific and common name. You can also view images and information on the selected species of tree (this information is taken from Wikipedia). The map also includes a link to view the chosen tree on Google Maps Street View.

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What about trees in forests? ;)