Friday, March 06, 2020

How Wealthy is Your Town?

A new interactive map from the Office of National Statistics reveals where the richest and poorest neighbourhoods are in every town in England & Wales. The map reveals that London and south-east England have the highest proportion of wealthy areas (41 of the 50 highest earning areas are in London). In contrast the North Wast of England has the highest proportion of local areas in the bottom 10% of earners and over a quarter of local areas in Wales are in the bottom 10%.

If you enter your postcode into the Income Estimates interactive map you can view the average household income for your area and compare it to other areas in your town. The map visualizes the mean average income for the financial year ending March 2018. Zooming in on individual towns and cities reveals the often striking income inequality which can exist between different neighbourhoods in the same towns.

The ONS Income Estimates report also includes an interactive chart which allows you to see how your neighbourhood compares to the rest of the country. Enter your postcode into this chart and you can see if your area is above or below the average income for the whole country and by how far.

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