Tuesday, March 03, 2020

The Cost of Living in German Cities

If you've ever wondered where you can afford to live in Germany then a new interactive map can help you decide. Lebenshaltungskosten (cost of living) is an amazing tool which allows you to compare how much it costs to live in different German cities. The tool looks at a range of living costs to help show which German cities you can afford to live in and which cities you can not afford.

Enter you annual salary into Lebenshaltungskosten and an interactive map which show you all the cities that you can afford to live in and all the cities where you cannot afford to live. Cities on the map are colored to show you how much money you will have left each month (after living expenses) if you lived in that city. Cities which are marked red on the map are the cities where you would need to earn more than your current salary.

Of course everybody's living expenses are different. Therefore Lebenshaltungskosten allows you to adjust the cost of living variables to suit your own personal financial outgoings. These variables are categorized into taxes, rent, transport, groceries, recreation and other costs. Alongside the map is a table which shows you how much each city costs in each category and shows you how much of your salary you would have left in each city (if any) if you were living there.

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