Friday, March 06, 2020

The California Primaries

Nationwide maps of the Super Tuesday primary results are great for visualizing how the main Democratic presidential hopefuls performed across the the United States. However more detailed maps can help pick out some of the more local trends and inform you about how your local neighborhoods voted. Here are two interactive maps which can tell you how neighborhoods voted in California.

Chris Arvin has mapped out the results of the Democratic Primary in San Francisco. His SF Election Map reveals that Warren was the most popular candidate in the Castro and in District 8. Biden proved to be the most voted for candidate in much of Twin Peaks and the Marina District. Bernie Sanders appeared to be very popular across most of the city. If you select a neighborhood on the map you can view the percentage of votes won by each candidate.

You can also view the Democratic Primary results in San Francisco and the rest of California on the Los Angeles Times' California Primaries interactive map. The LA Times map reveals that much of central Los Angeles voted for Bernie Sanders. If you hover over a neighborhood on the map you can see how many votes were cast for each of the candidates.

Bernie Sanders has clearly won the California primary but the LA Times reports that the final tally will take weeks to complete.

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