Monday, March 09, 2020

Sunken Ships of World War I & II

Sunken Ships of the Second World War is an interactive map showing the locations of 13,000 ships which were sunken during the Second World War. The map shows Allied and Axis ships which were sunk in action and does not include ships which were sunk as a result of natural disasters or accidents.

The blue markers on the map show the locations of sunken ships belonging to the Allies and the red markers show sunken Axis ships. If you click on a ship on the map you can read details about when and how it was sunk, the number of casualties and who it was sunk by. These details also include photographs of the ship and any relevant links to other sources of information about the ship.

The map sidebar updates to provide information on the sunken ships in the current map view. The bar chart below the map shows how many ships were sunk in each month. You can select a month on this bar chart to view the locations of all the ships sunken in that month on the map.

The Forgotten Wrecks of the First World War is a similar interactive map, this time plotting the locations of historical wrecks from the Great War. It shows the known locations of wreck sites in and around the seas, coasts and rivers of the UK.

The wrecks visualized on the map include merchant & naval ships, passenger, troop & hospital ships and submarines. It also shows the locations of ports, wharfs and coastal buildings which were wrecked during the war. You can search the map for individual wrecks by the name of the vessel. You can also refine the wrecks shown on the map by vessel type, use at time of loss or by year.

If you select an individual wreck on the map then you can view details about the type of vessel and the year it was wrecked. You can also learn more about the vessel's size, cargo, destination and the name of the captain. The details for each wreck also include any information that is known about the vessel's loss and, where available, images of the wrecked vessel.

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