Monday, March 16, 2020

Super Self-Isolators

Why be a self-isolator when you can be a super self-isolator?

If, for what ever reason, you wish to avoid contact with other human beings then these maps can help you escape from the coughs and sneezes of outrageous fortune:

A Spot of Solitude by Topi Tjukinov is a series of maps highlighting ten locations, dotted across Great Britain, which are as far from buildings as possible. These are not the ten most isolated spots in the UK, which are mostly in Scotland, but a selection of solitary locations from across Britain.

Topi has created similar series of maps showing isolated locations in Finland, Denmark and Flanders, Belgium.

the most remote spot in the USA

According to Topi's calculations the spot furthest from any building in Britain is in Cairngorms National Park, a point which is 7.8 kilometers from the closest building. Of course finding the most remote location in a country depends on how you define 'remote'. In the USA Wikipedia says, that the "most remote point in the 50 states (is) Ipnavik River, National Petroleum Reserve–Alaska". Which is 120 miles from the nearest habitation. It sounds like Wikipedia has used the distance from the nearest building as their criteria as well.

According to a BBC article, entitled Where is the remotest spot in the United States?, the remotest spot in the lower 48 states is in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. In this case 'remote' is defined by distance from roads. The BBC's location in Yellowstone is 21.7 miles from a road (the exact location of the spot is not revealed by the BBC).

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