Friday, March 13, 2020

Real-Time Bart Trains Map

If you are working from home in San Francisco and starting to miss your daily commute then you might want to play with the Track Live Bart Trains interactive map.

Select a line from the drop-down menu and you can view the live real-time position of all the operating trains on that line. Select one of the moving train markers on the map and you can view its next scheduled stop, its final destination and the number of cars.

Once you select a train's marker on the map you can follow its journey in real-time, as it moves on the map. Therefore, if you really want, you can undertake a virtual commute to work by selecting a train on the map and then following it live on the map until it reaches your chosen destination. Once you've finished your virtual commute you really should get back to doing some work.

If you normally get the streetcar to work in San Francisco then you can also follow your normal commute virtually and in real-time on NextBus. Select your route on NextBus and you can view a live map showing the location of all the current streetcars on the line.

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