Wednesday, November 04, 2020

2020 U.S. Election Maps

The New York Times's Presidential Election Results 2020 is using a cartogram map to show the number of electoral votes won by Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

On the NYT map each state is made up of a number of squares which equates to the state's number of electoral votes. The NYT has also included a proportional symbol map using circles colored to show the leading candidate in each county. These circles are sized to reflect the candidate's lead.A third map has an arrow shift view, which visualizes the shift in the numbers voting for the Republican or Democratic candidate since 2016.

The Bloomberg 2020 Presidential Election Results map also uses a cartogram view. On this cartogram map each state is represented by a number of squares. The number of squares equates to the number of electoral college votes each state has. For example Alabama is made up of nine squares on the map because it has nine electoral college votes.

The Bloomberg election results map includes a more traditional map view - where each state is colored to reflect the winning candidate. The Bloomberg 2020 Presidential Election Results also allows you to view the latest results for the senate, house and governors elections.

The Washington Post's Election 2020 Live Results site is using a traditional geographical map to show the latest votes in the election. The newspaper is using colored lines to show those states where the final result seems to be still in contention. If you hover over a state on the map you can view the number of electoral votes the state has and both the number of votes counted for each candidate and the percentage of the votes counted.

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