Saturday, November 14, 2020

How Many Countries Do You Know?

Map Quiz is a map based quiz which requires you to name as many countries as you can when they are shown to you on an interactive map.

In this map based game you need to name the correct country displayed from a multiple-choice list of four countries. The game is made a little more difficult than it first appears by using Mapbox's bearing option to rotate the map. This means that each country is shown without north being at the top. Most of us are used to seeing countries mapped with north at the top of the map - so rotating a country's orientation on the map can make it a little harder to recognize and identify the country. 

After you have submitted your answer to a question the correct name of the country is revealed. You are also shown information on the country's official language(s), its coat of arms & its flag, and can even listen to a recording of its national anthem.

Map Quiz is another fun map quiz which was created using the popular planemad-mapquiz template developed for the Mapbox platform. This template was also used for the similar Can You Guess the Country map quiz game.

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