Wednesday, November 11, 2020

This is Home

A map of the United States is a map of 124 million homes. Each one of those homes has countless stories to be told. Maps of Home is just one of those stories - brilliantly told and illustrated by Dylan Moriarty. 

As you scroll through Maps of Home an interactive map zooms in on Janesville, Wisconsin. As you zoom in on the town you enter into a wonderful illustration. A drawing which recounts scenes from Dylan's childhood. This is not just an ordinary map of Janesville but a map colored by the childhood memories of someone for whom it was home.As you continue scrolling the map pans around this illustration of Dylan's childhood, recounting significant episodes in his early life in Janesville. 

At the end of this personal journey the map zooms back out to encompass the whole world. Emphasizing the 7.7 billion homes around the world. Each with their very own personal stories.

Maps of Home was made with the help of Mapbox GL. If you want to create your own scrollytelling story with Mapbox then you should have a look at the interactive Mapbox Scrollytelling Template.

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