Monday, November 09, 2020

The Atlas of the Underworld

The Atlas of the Underworld is an interactive map with a difference. While most maps are designed to help you navigate above ground the Atlas of the Underworld enables you to discover what lies beneath your feet, in the Earth's mantle. 

The mantle makes up about 67% of our planet's mass. The Atlas of the Underworld maps the Earth’s upper and lower mantle, showing the location of all subducted slabs, organized by age, depth, and name.

The interactive Atlas of the Underworld includes a slide control which allows you to set the depth of the tomography slice of the mantle shown.The markers on the map show the location of the all slabs shown in the current map view. If you click on these markers you can view more information on the selected anomaly, view vertical and horizontal cross sections of the anomaly and view more information about the slab's location and depth. 

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