Monday, November 02, 2020

Neon Lines

The 30 Day Map Challenge started yesterday. Lots of the maps I saw for yesterday's 'points' theme used John Nelson's firefly mapping style to create 'glowing' points.

Today's challenge is to create a map with lines. I decided that it might be an interesting idea to use the 'firefly' style to add some glowing animated lines on a map. Here is the result - Neon Snake. Press the button on this map and you should see a neon line snake its way across the map.

Neon Snake uses the Leaflet.Polyline.SnakeAnim plug-in for Leaflet maps. I actually don't much like the neon animated polyline effect that I've created here and I can't see myself using it in a proper map project. Which is of course no fault of Ivan Sanchez's brilliant animated polyline plug-in. 

I used Ivan's plug-in to better effect on my History of the London Underground animated map visualizing the first 40 years of the London Tube. Unfortunately I made this map last year so it would probably be cheating to use this as my entry into the #30DayMapChallenge.

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